How to develop talent and skills, trends to watch and what the future holds, insights with Aoife Sheehy


Aoife Sheehy

Ian MacRae and Aoife Sheehy discuss talent and skills development from the individual to national level in Ireland, from what has happened in the past to what will happen in the future. They talk about what is needed to develop a new generation of talent, with the skills and capabilities that are needed for a fast-paced, high tech and highly skilled digital economy in Ireland. Along with some information on a new project they’re creating to support efficient development in a hybrid working environment through personality theory and self-development.

This discussion provides a deeper look into topics Aoife and Ian wrote about Developing Essential Skills in the Next Generation of Irish Workers for the Irish Tech News in 2021.

How to develop talent and skills, trends to watch and what the future holds, insights with Aoife Sheehy

Aoife Sheehy;

Having spent some years working as lead consultant and coach for a large psychometrics brand in the corporate industry in Ireland, Aoife began Attain in September 2020 having noticed the positive impact a deeper understanding of themselves has on clients ability to achieve their goals and objectives. Attain addresses the link between innate traits and motivation providing a space which supports employees and companies simultaneously. Aoife is currently undertaking an MSc in Neuroscience with King’s College London.

Ian MacRae

Ian MacRae is a work psychologist and psychometrician, and he works as a research consultant and speaker across Europe and North America. Ian has a BA (Hons.) in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and an MSc Research Methods in Psychology from University College London.

He has written six books about workplace psychology including High Potential: How to Spot, Manage and Develop Talented People at Work, and Dark Social: Understanding the darker side of work, personality and social media which was published in November 2021. His books have been translated into ten different languages.

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